What make-up and outfit for the job interview?

job-interview.jpgWhite shirt, smart trousers, delicate manicure and subtle make-up. This is how you should look when you go to the job interview. What if you didn’t get the dream job? There can be only one reason for it: strong make-up and provocative outfit. Let’s see how not to commit the beauty and fashion failures on the job interview.

Intense make-up…

… or its lack. Neither one nor another is a good solution. Black make-up on eyes and red lipstick are not approved by any employer, just as much as dark circles around eyes or skin imperfections. When you go to the job interview, perform delicate make-up and remember about choosing right shades of the cosmetics. The foundation shade should be slightly lighter than the skin complexion, while eye shadows and lipstick should be in neutral colours. Do not apply too much mascara – one layer is more than enough. Pluck your eyebrows and preserve them with colourless gel.

Wrong nail polish colour

Manicure should be delicate and natural. Do not go for black, red or green colours, do not wear long artificial nails, stay away from tacky patterns and extravagant decorations. Ask your beautician to perform French manicure without any kind of imprints or patterns. Take care of your nail cuticles and skin of your hands. You should, on regular basis, hydrate them and exfoliate dead skin cells as well as protect them against cold and detergents. Take into consideration that the employer, just like your potential clients will first look at your hands.

Tangled hair

When you go to the job interview, do not forget about styling your hair. It is unacceptable to go there with your hair tangled and oily scalp. If you want to make a good first impression, take good care of your hair the day before. Wash your hair, brush the strands, apply some hydrating cosmetic and tie them in an elegant bun. Avoid overly complex hair styles and tacky hair accessories. Quit colourful hair grips, hair bands and other gadgets.

Smart outfit and accessories

Appropriate outfit is of the greatest significance. Remember, that the cleavage, shoulders, back and legs above the knees should be covered. Put on shoes that do not have cuts in area of toes and heels. Your clothes should be in colours of black, grey or dark blue. The accessories such as shoes, belt and the bag should be in one colour. However, quit large bracelets, long earrings and extravagant necklaces.

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