How to conquer blackheads? Ways to obtain beautifil and smooth skin

Blackheads – tiny, black and hard to get rid of. Luckily, there are a few easy ways facilitating elimination of these face imperfections. Learn how to cleanse your skin, which cosmetics to use, and which beauty practices should be avoided. Check which skin care procedure turns out to be the most favourable for you.blackheads.jpg

If you care for removing blackheads completely, give a try to gentle-skin-purifying methods first. Do your best to eliminate the agents that might contribute to developing these skin imperfections. Such adverse factors are, for example, comedogenic cosmetics, oily creams and other products characterized by dense consistency. Moreover, try to cleanse your face regularly using masks, toners and other preparations of low AHA and BHA acid concentration. It’s also crucial to remember about systematic skin scrubbing. To do it, reach for coarse-grained and enzymatic face scrubs. In fact, applying all kinds of manual skin purification are also a good idea. Such procedures should be done by a beautician. She uses special cosmetics and applies sophisticated methods to remove the black impurities from your face.

What cosmetics to use in order to win the uneven battle against blackheads? Give a try to clays that are able to remove all skin imperfections and additionally regulate work of sebaceous glands, limit sebum production and contribute to face mattifying. Furthermore, use coal or potassium soap. Toners containing almond or silicide acids are also helpful to get rid of blackheads. It’s also suggested applying OCM method for making face skin free from tiny, black spots. Surely, oils will bring back natural pH level of skin as well as moisture and nourish skin at the same time. Another point worth mentioning, if the blackheads develop only on nose and chin area, you can treat these face parts differently than cheeks and forehead.

In order to take care of face skin and remove blackheads use sonic brushes or other devices for microdermabrasion. Such electronic appliances don’t only cleanse skin and exfoliate dead epidermis cells but also improve skin firmness and stimulates better blood circulation. However, when all the above-mentioned methods fail you, it’s advisable to make an appointment with a dermatologist. The doctor will prescribe you an effective ointment, probably with retinol content. Obviously, the most successful way seems to be the combination of natural skin care techniques, cosmetic treatment and application of medications all together. Try it out to enjoy your beautiful, smooth and flawless face skin.

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