3 Steps: How to Prime Face for Homemade Skin Care Treatments and Masks?

Homemade skincare treatments are budget, efficient, and easy to DIY. Anyone can perform them at the privacy of their own place. You just need to prime your skin. How? 3 simple steps are all it takes to prep the face for any homemade mask.

Homemade Skincare Treatments and Masks – Benefits

If you’re wondering if home beauty treatments bring any benefits, you need to catch up! They are definitely worthwhile – the best way to make your skin nicer without going outside. Regular at-home skin care helps bust:

  • comedones and blemishes
  • broken capillaries, so-called spider veins
  • wrinkles, loss of plumpness
  • pigmentation marks

Trust us on this, all you need to do is get the right products for your home treatment, and prep the skin. How to do it for best results?

How to prime skin for face masks and treatments?


Before you start any skin-conditioning treatments, which are usually done in the evening, you obviously need to fully cleanse the face. Make-up, dust and dirt accumulating throughout the day – all this may prevent your skincare treatment from working full steam. There is no way any nutrient can get through this kind of barrier.

Use any make-up removing products you like: micellar water, bi-phase remover; feel free to try oils (blend of castor oil with argan, jojoba or almond).

Make sure you perform the make-up removing stage correctly, following the directions as far as amounts of product and way of using it goes. Be careful while removing mascara to avoid lash breakage.


Unfortunately, taking make-up off isn’t enough. To really prime the face for home skin care rituals you need multi-stage cleansing. It is essential particularly for spot-prone and oily skins.

You need to follow a multi-step cleansing to deeply clear the face and banish all that the remover failed to get rid of. What does the routine involve?

  1. Use oils for cleansing the face they dissolve dirt and, at the same time, nourish, smooth and add elasticity.
  2. Next, reach for a water-based cleanser, e.g. gel, to make sure the skin is free from any dirt, and to freshen it up.


Before conditioning treatments, it is also essential to restore the skin’s natural pH which got upset by the washing product. Soaps are the most harmful because they disturb the acid-base balance, dry skin out, and make the face feel tight. A toner or flower water (matching your skin type) is a remedy which reduces irritations, brings relief to skin, and makes the face smoother once you use it.

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