The difficult art of application perfume. Which areas are best to perfume?

You take a bottle with your favourite perfume, spray neck, cleavage and wrists, then you run out to an important meeting. What do you do wrong? In theory, almost everything. However, in practice, this is exactly how we use perfume. As we learn, we do it wrong altogether. How to correctly use perfumes, so that they last longer and free its scent little by little?perfume.jpg

It may seem as there is nothing difficult about perfume application. How hard can it be, right? After all, this is how perfumes were used for ages. You spray it in the area of face, cleavage and that is expected to be enough. There is this mistaken conviction that perfume last the longest on wrists. Ergo, this is where the fragrance is often applied. Perhaps in the past is was about letting the scent free wit the hands movement. Today, we know much more about the right use of perfume.


No one asks you to pour the entire bottle of perfume on yourself. It is not about the amount, but clever choice of the areas where the perfume will last the longest. Did know that you can achieve much more intense scent by spraying the perfume on to the belly button?

Professional perfume makers advise on which areas it is best to use perfume. You should consider application of the fragrance, e.g. on the belly button, behind the ears, at the elbow and knee joints, by the ankle and lower back. The explanation is simple – perfume last longer on skin with higher temperature and more moisture. Enumerated areas are natural heat areas, which are perfect for the job.

It is entirely different for the cleavage, neck or wrists. In theory, these areas are the most exposed, so the scent should reach faster, for example the person you talk to. In practice these are areas exposed to atmospheric factors, so the scent evaporates much faster. No wonder that perfume applied on neck are not as long lasting as you would want them to be.

It is important to remember and spread perfume as far from the head as it is possible. It has its logical explanation. You cannot avoid the evaporation of scent. However, you should remember that the fragrance always goes up. By spraying ankles areas (especially when you have open shoes) will make perfume cover the entire body with fragrance little by little, while going up.

Another curious argumentation concerns application at the lower back, the loins height. Not everyone likes perfume being the first thing we smell. Perfume applied at the back of the body mix with your natural scent and allows you to avoid intense, suffocating aroma

Important! Avoid the application of perfume on clothes. It won’t make perfume last longer, but can damage the fabric. Fragrances have the tendency to go in reaction with various fabrics, what results with change in the aroma into less pleasing.

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