Perfumes – how to use them?

Perfumes, eau de toilette, body mist… They all smell great, but will they last for long? If you are worried about your favourite scent evaporating too fast, try these brilliant tricks. Thanks to them fruity or floral aromas will cover your body and make you feel truly special.perfumes.jpg

Where to apply the perfumes?

In the Internet is many beauty blogs, where you can find lots of tips concerning the application of perfumes. What’s really interesting, these are recommended also by the World class perfume makers. If you care about your favourite scent to last long on skin, apply it in the strategic areas. Few drops apply behind the ears, on the wrists, between the breasts, at the lower back, in the joints of arms and legs. The skin in this body parts is thin and warm. What is more, in this spots the pulse can be felt, so the scent spreads really fast.

And where you should not apply perfumes?

You certainly should never apply it on your clothes. Why? Some materials are delicate and easily subjected to damages. What is more, the fabric in combination with perfumes can create unpleasant smell. The substances in this cosmetics can also cause difficult to remove stains. Can you apply perfumes on the hair? Yes and no. Yes, if we talk about delicate mist. On hair, scent holds much longer. No, if in the composition of perfumes is alcohol. It has dryness causing action on strands and tends to irritate scalp.

Did you know that…

Not all perfumes are equally long lasting. It all depends on chemical properties of the skin, season of the year and substances used in the scent. Some perfumes are better sensed in the summer, while other in the winter. You should also remember that aromas should match the occasion, mood and the surroundings. You may perhaps need another advise from the perfume makers. They suggest to spread perfumes in the air and allow this aromatic mist to settle on the body on its own.

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