Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask – Led Anti-acne Face Mask

Neutrogena presents us with new led anti-acne face mask. The best part is that healing and beautifying treatment with this gadget can be performed at home. Let’s see how does Light Therapy Acne Mask works and what results you can expect, when used on regular basis?neutrogena.jpg

Did you know that led light is used by dermatologists as a treatment for various skin diseases? In dermatology is used light: red, blue and violet. First one improves skin cell renewal, boosts blood circulation, makes skin more elastic and skin complexion even. What is more, it flattens wrinkles, lightens discolourations and inhibits ageing processes. Blue light speeds up healing of minor wounds, helps eliminate acne and has antibacterial action. While violet light is used for healing acne scaring.

How to use led face mask Light Therapy Acne Mask from Neutrogena? Remove make-up and wash your face. If you use cosmetics with alcohol or acids, wait a longer moment, so that these ingredients evaporate from the skin. Then apply led mask, set the treatment time and… rest. Gadget can be used everyday – then you achieve stunning effects for sure. Discolourations will disappear, acne will be eliminated and irritations will be just an unpleasant memory. Your skin will be beautiful and healthy, and you certainly more satisfied with how you look.

What are other indications for Led Therapy? If you deal with post surgery scars or marks, the treatment with colourful light can help. Stretch marks and cellulite will also disappear, just like acne and rosacea. Did you know that led masks inhibit hair loss and cure seasonal depression? The treatment will also handle wrinkles, blackheads, dark circles around eyes and loose skin. Unfortunately, not everyone can use the treatment with this healing light. The contradictions against the treatment are: epilepsy, pregnancy, cancer and ingestion of photo sensitive drugs.

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