How to use perfumes so that they last longer? Learn to use them correctly

World brands and perfume makers wring their hands. As it turns out we still do not know how to use perfume correctly. The pointed out by consumers, weak durability of the scent, is most commonly the matter of spreading it in wrong areas and in wrong way. And do you use perfume correctly? Let’s find out.perfume.jpg

Perfume application is not easy. You have to know the specific properties of the given cosmetic to be able to fully use its potential. Even the most expensive and the most luxurious fragrances can evaporate after an hour if you do not take care of their right application. How to use perfume in a right way? There are few simple rules.

Firstly, use the heat spots on the body

The scent lasts longer in areas where body temperature is a bit higher. This is why you shouldn’t apply perfume on the neck, cleavage or wrists, which are exposed to external atmospheric factors and cooling down. Perfume will last longer behind ears, on the elbows and knees joints, but also in the belly button.

Secondly, think about the way perfume evaporate

There are two things you should know about the perfume – they always evaporate up and mix with the scent of the body. The perfume makers recommend to apply fragrance to the lower parts of the body, like ankles or lower back. The released scent will work its way up, cover the body with aromatic fragrance and combine with your natural, insensible earlier scent.

Thirdly, treat perfumes like a body mist

The most common mistake when it comes to the perfume is its application directly on skin from too short distance. The durability of scent is influenced by various chemical factors and properties of our skin. Always apply perfume on clean body and always indirectly on skin. It is much better to spread the perfume in the air and “to enter the fragrance”. The aroma’s particles will create much more subtle aura.

Fourthly, use perfume only on skin

Perfume has their own characteristic. The fragrances are created in such way to cooperate with our skin and gradually release its aroma during the day. There is no point in its application on clothes or hair. This will significantly decrease their durability, because fragrance will evaporate really fast. Besides, you can damage the fabric of clothes or cause dryness to your hair.

Fifthly, fragrance lasts longer on moist skin

There is good reason for saying that perfume will last longer on skin, that first was treated with a body balm. The moist extends the fragrance durability. This is why it is better to apply perfume in the joints of elbows or knees, as well as the belly button – there the moist is much higher. Other spots on the boy is best to cover with oil or cream before applying the perfume.

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