How NOT to Cleanse the Face? Top Skincare Mistakes

Face washing is an essential skincare stage, making the skin healthier and prettier. It’s a pity that so many people still make so many mistakes in this field. See which ones to avoid and how to correctly cleanse the face.

Wrong cleansing method

The way of cleansing the face must be customized to the type of skin. This rule is essential particularly for sensitive and problematic skins. Wrong method worsens the condition of skin, sparks irritations and inflammation, and causes damage to the natural protective layer.

Washing the face once a day

Cleansing the face only once a day, usually in the evening, is another common mistake. Even though morning and nighttime washing routines differ, you must cleanse the skin twice a day to clear it of dirt and balance the pH. Choose different products for washing in the AM and PM.

Using water for a face wash

This isn’t the best idea as far as skincare goes. Water doesn’t have a cleansing effect, plus it easily irritates the skin, dries it out and causes damage to the natural protective shield. Always use hydrating, nourishing and strengthening cleansers.

Wrong cleansers

Wrong products do a lot of harm. Effective cleansing is possible if you use cleansers customized to needs and type of your skin. The best products contain natural ingredients and have no alcohols or harsh detergents.

Not treating the skin gently

Scrubbing the skin with a face brush, towel or your hands has nothing to do with effective cleansing, plus it irritates the skin. If you additionally use alcohol-based and SLS products, the skin will suffer a lot.

Not using a skin toner

Balancing the pH is the key step that comes right after cleansing. A toner restores pH balance, hydrates, nourishes, smoothes and freshens up the skin at the same time.

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