Going to be a mum? Don’t let stretch marks stay on your skin forever! Buy almond oil!

Pregnancy is a magical period. A new life is growing inside of you and it will once and for all turn your life upside down. Your whole world will change and soon enough you wouldn’t be able to imagine how it was possible that this little, endearing person hadn’t been there with you earlier.

It’s natural that during pregnancy tide of change is taking place. Hormonal balance alters as different instincts take over. Your body transforms, too. Your belly grows proportionately to the development of your baby, body gets a little bit more curved as your skin is facing a tough task: stretching in the accelerated mode. You start realizing that despite this tiny wonder inside, you are getting something more from Nature – a net of robust stretch marks that keep appearing on different body parts. The best remedy that will take care of pregnant woman’s body skin before and after giving birth is sweet almond oil. Why does it trump over other cosmetics available at pharmacies’? What does define its uniqueness?

These burdensome stretch marks are hard to remove. Therefore, you visit pharmacies in search for a super product that will cope with the changes that are affecting your body. Mind you! A product that works for you isn’t always good for development of foetus. And this is the very first important lesson that maternity teaches: choose wisely! Even the best, the most expensive cosmetics can be full of chemicals, parabens and silicones that, if applied on skin, penetrate deep into your organism. Since you are connected with your child physically, the baby also absorbs all the substances that your body receives. Therefore, before you reach for any cosmetics, think twice. Maybe it would be better to turn towards natural, 100% pure and chemicals-free care?

Sweet almond oil is one of the most delicate natural oils, which will condition your skin just phenomenally. It contains plenty of proteins, mineral salts as well as vitamins A and E, which are known as the vitamins of youth. These influence skin firmness and elasticity in a positive way. Vitamins B, that the oil also contains, counteract the process of body skin cells dehydration. In short, if applied regularly, sweet almond oil gifts body skin with elasticity and flexibility. Hence, even the fast-growing belly won’t contribute to development of stretch marks. Included into sweet almond oil fatty acids (linolic acid, oleic acid) are good at making skin softer.

How to use sweet almond oil during pregnancy?

  • Rub the oil into dry skin of all the problematic body parts (belly, tights, buttocks, breasts). Do it twice a day, morning and evening. You can also ask the father-to-be to give you the massage. It will strengthen the bond between him and the baby, if he keeps massaging your belly systematically.
  • You can apply sweet almond oil to wet body skin, right after showering. The oil is absorbed fast and it doesn’t leave any greasy stains.
  • Add a few drops of sweet almond oil to bathwater. Your skin will be no longer at risk of being exposed to hard water.
  • However, if you suffer from reflux, which is a common problem of future mothers, also reach for almonds, yet not in their liquid version. Soak almond nuts in lukewarm water in order to peel them easily. They have to stay covered with water for 24 hours. After that, drain the almonds and peel the skin. Enjoy!

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