Coconut oil vs. olive oil. What has better cosmetic properties?

Sometimes, the choice between olive oil and coconut oil might be difficult. Both oils offer very interesting cosmetic properties. Are their effects comparable? Which one will be better? 

When it comes to beauty purposes, a lot has been said about the use of olive oil and coconut oil. Both oils have a rich composition, both can be applied to the skin, hair and nails, both can use used solo or combined with other oils (with each other as well) or as an ingredient of homemade cosmetics. Despite the number of differences between them, they both condition and beautify.

Coconut oil comes in the form of a delicate, creamy butter. It abounds in saturated fatty acids, but has a smaller amount of antioxidant vitamin E. Whereas in olive oil, we find more of the monounsaturated fatty acids. Well, it definitely does not smell like coconut. There are quite a lot of differences, not only in consistency and composition.

All the qualities of both oils translate into their effects and the possibility of using them in body and hair care. Which one will work better? Coconut oil or olive oil?

Coconut oil – it is often repeated that it moisturizes perfectly. It’s the truth, however, it doesn’t do it by supplying water to the cells. In fact, it retains proper hydration level thanks to limiting the evaporation of water through the epidermis. This is the whole secret of coconut oil, but not the only thing it can do. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties are often ignored. That’s a pity because thanks to them, it works great on acne skin and can minimize dandruff. It brings relief to irritations, relieves inflammation and nourishes thoroughly.

Olive oil – it has unique cosmetic properties, which make the skin smoother and silky soft. It also protects the skin against excessive water loss, but this is a kind of a side effect. Natural olive oil is primarily a source of antioxidants that minimize the harmfulness of free radicals. When used regularly, it delays the ageing process and restores the young look. It strengthens the natural resistance of the skin, eliminates its roughness and brings relief to irritations. Olive oil softens perfectly and moisturises the skin thoroughly.

Which of the oils will be better? Each of them has its own unique advantages and their effect are similar.

If you are counting on moisturising the hair, go for a top-quality coconut oil. However, if maintaining young looks is more important for you, then olive oil will be a better choice. The best solution is to combine these two oils together and benefit from their properties to the fullest without any restrictions and limitations. They will take a comprehensive care of your entire body and hair.